2019 blogging goals

Last year (2018) I seriously neglected my blog for about 7 months. Perhaps I had no motivation or perhaps my professional work life took up too much of my time and energy – either way, this year I resolve to fix all that. Part of my new year’s resolution is to not just improve on my blog, but also to build on it. Create new content, explore new bookish things, spread my wings and really make use of this opportunity to share my voice and my thoughts. So as my first post of 2019, I would like to share with you my 2019 book blogging goals!

For Lena’s Notebook: a book blog

  • Recently I managed to find a way to download Netgalley books onto my old very basic Nook – this was a success in itself! So since I’ve done this, I aim to be able to read more ARCs AND review them in due time. I’ve already read three books, and I need to get the reviews ready for them to be posted near publication date.
  • Planning – I have now started writing down all my approved Netgalley titles with respective publication date so I can accurately plan what to read first.
  • Go to more bookish events – so things like launches (if I can), at least one book signing, author talks and hopefully some publisher events! And I would love to be invited to at least ONE blogger event! (and so I am building up my blog to that)
  • Get around 10 or more people in my blogger circle. I use Blogspot as I find it quite easy and flexible – but not many people use Blogspot! I will have to find a way to get these ‘friends’ or ‘followers’. At the moment I have one. 
  • Post more often – really need to write more content – which shouldn’t be so difficult considering how much I read! I can be quite lazy sometimes, and I’m at the PC the whole day for my job so when I get home I always need a computer detox which makes it harder for me to blog at night! In this cold weather I should dedicated about two lunchtimes a week to blogging!
  • Read at least one non-fiction book a month – there are so many amazing and super fascinating non-fiction books out there that I need to read. And that’s the issue. When I was in Waterstones last week, I felt as if there was too much to choose from! There were loads that really caught my eye, and I wanted to read them all in one go, which made me feel really overwhelmed. However, I vow to be a bit more decisive and settle on something! I really need to broaden my mind and explore new ideas. 
  • Make new blogger friends. Other bloggers online are so friendly and supportive I should definitely communicate more and read other people’s posts. This is also a good way to swap blogging ideas.

And so here we are – I’ve got 7 goals to achieve, and let’s hope I can be less lazy, procrastinate less, and aim to achieve them!

What are your blogging goals for 2019?


  1. Love these goals, Lena! Really love the inclusion of reading at least one non-fiction post a month! Also, can't believe you've read 3 books already this month?! That's impressive! Can't wait to keep up with you achieving these goals for 2019!

    1. Thanks Hannah - I've actually read 2 this month, and one was from end of last month! ( I should have written that more clearly). However, reading on an electronic device makes it quicker for me to read for some reason! :D

      thanks for your support :)

  2. Hallo, Hallo Lena,

    Thanks for finding me on Twitter!! :) I tend to find most of the book bloggers I read on #bookishTwitter, which is why I maintain an active list of them there! I tend to be a bit of a chatterbox on Twitter, however, in 2018 I started visiting blogs again a bit more frequently and I'm expanding on that goal for 2019. I've been fighting a bad Winter virus now for 4+ wks and that has me a bit down but the reason I brought it up is I haven't written my End of the Year Survey yet, my Best Books of 2018 or even my resolutions for the New Year like you have - I'm just thankful I can read again as like I said this virus is a beast!

    I appreciate you've opened your comments to name/url - it used to be easier using OpenID. Nowadays, I have to tell bloggers who don't open their comments that I can't comment anymore - so this is lovely! I can return to see what your sharing and converse with you!


    My main goals are to have a more relaxed blogging experience this year - where I'm not hosting as many blog tours, reading more through my local library or off my shelf and of course, addressing my backlogue which I dearly want to erase! I did find some key reading challenges which are helping me re-shape my reading life this year, so overall, I feel comfortable about where I am.

    The only key difference between us is I listen to audiobooks & read books in print; I can't read ebooks due to chronic migraines.

    Thanks for the follow and I look forward to your visits on my blog!

    1. Hi Jorie! Thanks for reading my post! :)

      Yo should definitively have a relaxing blogging attitude - you will be more productive and happier with your achievements that way. :)

      I like reading books in print too - prefer the feel of a real book but they are harder to carry around :D I need to try an audio book one day.

      anyway thanks for your message and I will defo check out your blog

      many thanks,


  3. I really love these goals! I love the inclusion of reading at least one non-fiction book a month, I really need to read more too as they're just so interesting with what you learn! One of my goals is to be more consistent with blogging this year too, I just fell out of love with it a little last year and got a little too busy. Great post x


    1. Hi Julia

      Exactly the same happened to me last year!
      Not this year tho - I aim to improve!

      Many thanks for your comment.


  4. Loved your goals Lena. I was hooked with your intro. I was feeling overwhelmed at the thought that I'm probably the only blogger who neglects her blog due to all that OT and adult life getting in the way. But I'm so glad you have set goals because I plan on sticking around and reading more of your content. I'd like to know more about that Netgalley, since I too am stuck with my basic Nook. I've neglected it too, going through my dollar tree book section, I happened to find non fiction books and have those in my to read list. But my bookshelves are desperately wanting me to stop bringing new books in. I'm thinking of going back to my Nook. Anywho, loved that I came across your blog. You have a new fellow follower in me.

    1. hi Gloria

      thanks so much for your lovely comment :D <3

      Netgalley is a site publishers use to upload ARCs of upcoming books so bloggers /retailers/librarians can download and review etc. It is so good and easy to transfer the files to nook. you must give it a go!


      Also I keep buying books when I have books waiting to be read :)

      thanks again for the lovely comment.
      -Lena x


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